Become A Reviewer!

We are looking for lovely ladies interested in reviewing Seraphim's clothes and accessories at a discounted price! Interested? 

If you are, please send us a message telling us which item/s you are interested in reviewing. Please choose a few, as some items may not need any more reviews! We will notify you of the item/s that are available and which ones are not.

Also, please check the drop down menu to make sure we have your size in that item before you email us! 

Please email us with your full name, which item/s you are interested in reviewing and your size. We will then send you a unique promo code that will give you 20% off that item so that you can review it. You must use the promo code within 7 days of receiving it. 

By using the promo code you are agreeing to: 

1) Send a 4 sentence review on the item that you have purchased, and 
2) Take a photo of yourself wearing the item, and allowing Jen and Seraphim Clothing to post this picture on tumblr (which may be reblogged - please keep that in mind!), Seraphim's facebook page, Pinterest and website. We will only use your first name and city/country in the photo. 

Seraphim Clothing must receive your photo within 14 days of the item/s arriving at your door.

If you fail to do both of these, you will be charged the item's full price. 

If there are any questions, feel free to email me at